Thursday, August 27, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of:

With the weekly tip of the hat to JIMMY CANNON

Nobody Asked Me But....

1) Smithsonian Folkways and Appleseed Recordings really keep the “tradition” alive and also let us find new treasures.

2) It is too bad that Mike Seeger was not around for the release of the box set of the New Lost City Ramblers.

3) “Wrestling With Moses” is a really readable book on a great subject---not the biblical Moses.

4) Ted Kennedy evolved into a great leader and statesman and yet the name Kopechne still always comes to my mind.

5) General Motors created the roads of the future (Futurama) for the 1939 Worlds Fair---who knew the roads led to bankruptcy court.

6) T R Reid’s interview about healthcare options makes the Canadian model look better and better since it mimics Medicare---for everyone.

7) If Quadaffi gets to camp out in his tent I don’t think he should be allowed to toast marshmallows---and also not have his portable air conditioner ( or camp songs after 9 PM.)

8) The survey numbers are in and the viewers of The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert are “cool”. So why would they take a 3 week hiatus just when the networks are debuting their new programs

9) Ben Bernanke should be considered a hero---mostly to his colleagues who came out even wealthier than before.

10) I just admire the diplomacy of people who lose in a game of tennis and then say, “, you have such a rinky dink serve I just could not figure it out” (glad I said a better choice of words is “...too good for you I guess”.)

11) Facebook friends, as someone said to me, are not your “friends” they are your “strangers’” and some are stanger than others.

12) I am hoping to see Federer do it this year at the U S Open and if not him then Nadal. The two players with the most talent and class and let us not even mention the name Jacovic. Or spell it right.

13) Are “multiplexes” really an improvement over the grand film palaces of yore?

14) Mad Men just keeps getting better and better and if you really pay attention you can see what major events are coming up in that era by a few of the “throwaway” lines.

15) As a general rule NYC bus drivers are a friendly and courteous group and the Subway employees the opposite---must be from being underground.

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