Thursday, August 6, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of:

(tip of the hat as always to Jimmy Cannon)


1) the release of the N. Korean detainees was pre-arranged and Bill Clinton was the messenger. It was a good thing===Bolton and Fox not withstanding

2) the lady who drove the vehicle that crashed on the Taconic Pkway. (NY) was deemed drunk and high and I would like to see more evidence since it is so hard to believe. But, sadly, it is probably true---a fact I, an many, try to deny.

3) I hope David Buskin packs lightly for his trip to Avalon Festival in PawPaw, Va. for good reason.

4) I still feel that Branaugh is the defining interpreter of Shakespeare in this generation

5) It was nice to see Sotamayor confirmed and have to wonder why a, supposedly, judicial and neutral body is now defined by the gender and ehtnicity of its members.

6) Why was Thomas approved when it seemed merely a racial balancing act and he does not hold a candle to another "Black" member---Marshall.

7) I am surely looking forward to seeing Julia and Julie---Meryl Streep is an amazing actor---yes, actor---leave gender out of it.

8) Why does the NYC police department act in a professinal manner (generally) and suburban-- overpaid police departments act as if they own their town.? Perhaps they do. Their pensions of over 250,ooo for some reflect it. To the taxpayer's detriment and burden

9) Does anyone recall when you paid .25 on the East River crossings in NYC and .50 (and they sold coupon books) on the PA crossings?

10) Who remembers the Grand Concourse in the Bronx in its prime and the premier theatre that was there?

See you next Thursday for another edition:

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