Thursday, July 30, 2009


As always a tip of the hat to Jimmy Cannon


1) I was saddened to hear about Mike Seeger's entering a Hospice and stopping his cancer treatments portending the final scene of the last act.

2) Saddened to hear about the passing of Sandy Paton who was a mainstay of "traditional" music after suffering some personal tragedies in recent times.

3) The 50th anniversary of the start of the Newport Folk Festival is this weekend and I guess that means you can go home again---but the home is re-decorated.

4) I love the quote from Mike Murphy (Republican strategist)--"...if Sarah Palin looked like Golda Meir would we still be talking about her?"

5) Why did the Republicans just figure out that she is like some chemical elements----unstable

6) How come people who claim devotion to a higher spirit settle for making material deals for profits from politics and human organs

7) Perhaps the now late Reverend Ike was right---he also worshipped the mighty dollar and made no secret of it.

8) Wouldn't it be nice if we went back to Television with great content and less technical improvements. Or, perhaps, we could have both--

9) A President should focus on issues of import to the nation and not on something instigated by a reporter in search of a story; and also defer that question for a later time---diplomatically.

10) I don't give a damn what beer the parties to this ludicrous affair drink since it seems to demean the office to think a "brew" will calm the seas of controversy. Something I would have felt GW Bush was more apt to think would work---but he doesn't drink anymore---so I hear.

11) Don't you think that obscenity can also be defined as banks and financial firms that give huge bonuses after they received bail-out funds and then proceeded to foreclose on homeowners and not modifying their terms?

12) What a delight to see that a cartoon series has been nominated for a best in Comedy and not as a cartoon---Family Guy.

(OK--it should be on later than it is--but it is, after all, FOX---nuff said.)

13) You really have to listen to the new Eric Bogle CD in its entirety.

14) You really have to listen to TRADITIONS and SUNDAY SIMCHA to know about these things. That is, if you actually care.

15) It is nice to just sit in Piermont and get involved in conversation with people and find you cannot truly judge a book by its cover---for further cliches there will be a nominal charge.

More next week.

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