Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some Entertaining Possibilities

You always get the updates on who is appearing where on the radio program(s)--TRADITIONS and SUNDAY SIMCHA. Now a few entertaining things on this web site and its accompanying cohorts: PLAYLISTS and THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER . You will find on this page, and on the accompanying ones, some interesting videos featuring artists that have been on both programs--TRADITIONS and SUNDAY SIMCHA (either in person or recorded presentations)---both current and older obscure pieces. You will also find some filmed archival material imported for your pleasure and interest on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER.

As to programming updates:

The Hurdy Gurdy Folk Club has a wonderful concert this weekend featuring Red Molly and a wonderful opening act--Steve Kirkman.

TRADITIONS : On April 19 we will have the pleasure of a visit by Pat Wictor and a new "discovery"---Mara Levine. That is in addition to the usual features and requests (which can be made by e mail to )

It seems many of you like the little nostalgia trip every other week--you know--"...tops in pops, best in the west, and thrills of the hills".

SUNDAY SIMCHA : As always the old and the new and the comic and the tragic. Since Klezmer is a favorite and many requests come in we will once again be featuring the great group from Texas "The Austin Klezmorim", padnuh. As you know the CD is entitled "East of Odessa and West of Palestine"---referring to Texas and not the Home of Pogroms. But they had horses there as well.

Since it is said a picture is worth a thousand words a photoshop shot should be worth triple that number or you cannot trust photography anymore

Speaking of pictures---I have shot of a train that has a history---for more on it visit the website in a few days and find out all about it and also where an antique version can be had.

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