Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Icons by The Score

Besides giving you updates on the various programs I do try to let you know when something truly worthwhile arrives. There have been CDs and artists you have heard of and sampled here. Now, with the hope that it is realized nothing is put up here just for the sake of showing it, there is something I believe is truly worthy of your interest and time. Also, it is something you may well want to own or present to kids or grandkids in this era of TV and nothing but TV---OK, it is a DVD (got to go with the flow) but the content is so worthwhile.

Take a look and find out more after you see it:

You now know that this is a wonderful tribute to Ella Jenkins---a leading artist in the world of music for youths. The DVD is being put out by Smithsonian Folkways.

Besides it being a wonderful tribute it is something you can enjoy with your children or grandchildren and open them up to things other than Barney and such ilk. And it is not under water with a strange sponge like creature that does not make sense.

The DVD features a concert by Ella Jenkins and performances by the pantheon of family folk performers including--Tom Chapin, Tom Paxton, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, and --you know---the famous many others.

Just so you know---I have no commercial interest in this project as I don't in any of the others I have either reviewed or recommended.

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