Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Rememberance of A Wonderful Comic Series and One of Its Leading Ladies

Hard to believe that BBC series "Are You Being Served" was shot during the late seventies and early eighties and still does not seem dated. It is sad to report that Wendy Richard (Ms Brahms) passed away this past week at the relatively young age of 65. After the ill fated sequel to AYBS she starred in other British programs---East Enders for over 20 years and also very politically active.

One other of the memorable characters in the series left this world in 2007---John Inman who played the character of Mr. Humphries and in later years was a leading Pantomime Dame in the UK.

With demise of Ms Richard perhaps upon her entry into those pearly gates Mr. Inman might use the famous words of AYBS scripts: "...Are you free Ms Richard"

Enjoy a few brief moments remembering these venerable artists in the following video:

Gentle Humour from Gentle People---perhaps a good epitaph---and if any of you have ever viewed the series you will recall the memorable moments of the "young Mr. Grace", Mrs. Slocumbe's pussy, and Capt. Peacock's self importance.

As to Program Notes please let me remind you of a few things and dates:

March 8 John O'Malley joins me on Traditions

March 22 Buskin & Batteau join me on Traditions---hey---why does one guest call for "s" as in joins and 2 guests get no "s" as in join---no "S" **t

March 29 The Traditionsfest at the Hurdy Gurdy

Coming up: The Creator of Red Rock Rondo----perhaps even THE Creator---we have contacts

For Sunday Simcha:

March 8 Some comments and music to talk about an event coming up that commemorates the Orchestra of Women at the Birkenau Concentration Camp---and a brilliant Cello Concerto by Saint Saens.

Also a discussion of the wonderful film by Yale Strom---The Last Klezmer---along with music from Yale Strom and his group---Hot Pstromi.

I can only ask now---Are You Being Served?

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