Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Other than 2 weeks ago when I returned for the year end program with Ron Olesko it has been 2 months since last I had the pleasure of being with you on a Sunday afternoon. This Sunday I am back and before I give you a bit of a preview I would like to have you watch a very meaningful video.

You may recall that sometime back I played music by The Karma Farmers on TRADITIONS. Dave Shifflet (founder of the group) has composed a most meaningful piece of music and has added some touching pictures to it. I will be playing it this Sunday and urging the listeners to view this video---so---here is a preview of what you will hear this Sunday.

As for the rest of the program---quite a few new voices that I have not been able to play before and of course the features will be back. You know what they are and also some voices that have not been heard in a while on the program and one that I know I and a few of our listeners (especially one) truly like to hear. That listener has requested it many times and I also thank him for the nice call 2 weeks ago before the show even started to welcome me back.

We'll have a particular trivia query for a CD prize but you will have to e mail the answer to First response gets the prize.

I also will finally get to honor the request a listener asked for the last time I was with you---has to do with great guitar picking. If you have any requests just mail them to the address above and I will try to get to them

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