Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Fellow on The Left and a ProgramNotes Poser

No sense in putting his picture here---the fellow on the right in a video is Jason Petty. Many of you may believe that Hank Williams has passed on and in one sense that is true. In the other sense there is Jason Petty. A number of years back he appeared in an off Bway show ---"Lost Highway--The Story of Hank Williams". Having seen the show and having had the privilege of going backstage and interviewing him and the rest of the cast I can say that Hank Williams is alive and well in the skin of Jason Petty. He has captured the pure essence of the man.

A short while back he obliged me with a copy of his newest CD autographed---"..Bill from ole Hank?". That CD is entitled Me and My Honky Tonk Heroes and Jason captures Hank Williams and a few others.

When he tours in this area again in his latest production he will surely be making an appearance on TRADITIONS with me.

The videos on the right do not capture his total incarnation of Hank Williams since he does these as a spoken word. You might want to visit JASON PETTY by clicking on this link and listening to the re-incarnation of Hank Williams. My review of LOST HIGHWAY was published a ways back but, suffice it to say, he, the cast with minimal scenery totally evoked the era, the person, and the music.If, at an appropriate time, anyone wants a re-airing of this interview please make that request by e-mail to . You can also leave the request right here.

NOW--The program notes poser----for that click on the right side red link to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER. Have to entice you to visit there for some other things than music.

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