Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some Upcoming Appearances and A Few Other Bits of Minutae

Here is hoping that you will be joining me on November 18 a day full of programming on our favorite radio station---you know the Right Place on The Left Side of The Dial--way on the left---89.1 On the web as well --so that you world wide listeners can tune in.

TRADITIONS will be commemorating Thanksgiving in some surprising ways as we always do. Some brilliant new recordings have arrived in the weeks that I have not been with you and will present them and in addition my guest will be the fellow on the far left---SPOOK HANDY. He has a great new CD out there and is a wonderful artist with what so many lack today---a purpose. A purpose to make this world of ours a better place through his music and his work. Still---his music is enjoyable and involving. Stick around for him. You will love this guy. Oh---the fellow on the right---a mentor of Spook's--some kid by the name of Seeger. Hope he makes a go of it.

It is hoped that you tuned in earlier to TABLETALK. A wonderful chat with the authors of RADIO AND THE JEWS. Scroll down for more info on that.

Not to neglect SUNDAY SIMCHA if you tuned in you heard some Thanksgiving material since it is the universal holiday causing no problems for our multi ethnic and religious nation. Lets hear it for the Pilgrims. They were bigoted iin their own way---that is another topic. Thanks to blinding our eyes to that we can all enjoy it. The Turkeys are the only ones that should--had they a thinking process on our level--to abhor and try to escape this holiday. By the way, a Turkey is always presented to the President of the U S. Do you think the Turkey thinks it an honor (if he could think) or is the bird in the majority in regard to this Pres.?

You also heard a brilliant artist who I met a week ago thanks to Christine Lavin. See below for more info on Ray Jessel.

I hope you click over to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER. Some interesting videos await and some thoughts having nothing to do with folk music---I don't even know if this had to do with that. For that best go to the fellow who wants to sit on the front porch and insists that we listen to it in its original form. After that feel free to doze off. Time moves on, culture moves on, and music moves on. We move on.

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