Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Referrals for Some Frights

Brother Theodore (left)(more about him below in TABLETALK)

It is Trick or Treat time once again. So a referral for a frightening trick--

THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER or you can click on the right side to get to the same spot. No treat there---just a scary trick.

Program Notes to mention briefly here now:

TABLETALK: A reminder that November 11 you can hear the quarterly installment of The Capitol Steps and the following week join David and Susan Siegel as they walk with me about their book---pictured below---Radio and The Jews. We will also touch on some of the great old radio programs of years past---Life Can Be Beautiful, The Goldbergs, Rudy Vallee, and much more.

TABLETALK airs at 8 AM on Sundays. Get your coffee and wake up to some interesting talk.

TO MY GREAT CHAGRIN--that is the name of the a documentary that will shortly be presented at MOMA at the Fortnight of Documentaries. TO MY GREAT CHAGRIN is a film about the late and great THEODORE. The film maker will be my guest in December---or at the latest in January. Stay tuned for this because the subject of this film is about a lost treasure that I had the delight of meeting and chatting with on TRADITIONS some 8 years ago---at age 92. He passed away shortly thereafter. I don't blame myself---though I do know how to clear a room.

TRADITIONS: On November 18 I will be joined by SPOOK HANDY for some live music and also to talk about and listen work from his newest CD--"Watcha Gonna Do?". I guess the thing to do is to listen to it and the add it to your collection. Meaningful Music from a Meaningful Musician.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: The program now has a following on the web in Israel and material has been received from the land that made the desert bloom which we shall be presenting in the next few weeks--starting November 18.

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