Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some Suggestions

Sort of an obscure start to get your attention. This will be brief.

A suggestion to click on the right side to the PLAYLISTS and also, while there, check out some new videos. Truly dynamic performances by some artists that have been on Sunday Simcha. On THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER you will find, besides a few comic videos, some comments on the perpetual election campaign.

For programming content, as always, stick with this page:

TRADITIONS: Beppe Gambetta joins me on October 7. Spook Handy later in the month.

Some old favorites that we have not heard in some time will be featured in the last hour of the program---and any requests you might have which you can post here or e mail If there is time we shall try to recreate a short period when there was Country music on the NJ airwaves with the likes of Don Larkin and Dave Miller. If not this week then in the near future.

A piece by Roy Zimmerman (founder of The Foremen) will be aired because it has a lot to say to us about the ""support our troops" stickers and decals we see everywhere.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: New material by The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band will be featured in the near future along with interviews with the founder of this brilliant group.


Anonymous said...

Your content is static. Do you really care to maintain a blog? Why should I check back if not for a provoctive idea or new offering? I've found the YouTube offerings interesting and clever but they must be updated.

Bill Hahn said...

Life has other priorities---when there is something new to say it is said. Otherwise why bother. Feel free to check in or not check in--your choice. You might find something interesting and then again you might not.
You will find the playlists always updated, The Rooster has commentary when appropriate.
I usually don't respond to "anonymous" (since it was requested one sign in) but I felt your comment deserved an answer since it seems quite confrontational.

Bill Hahn

jeff warner said...

right on ---why do people critique when all they have to do is read or not read.

i love the videos---modern man is a hoot.