Tuesday, July 10, 2007


As you see John Prine has left this mini stage for the present and is now replaced by a most worthy artist--- Steve Gillette. Only a few clips but to find out more about him and his partner Cindy Mangsen you might go to their web-site.

There you will find, besides, appearances, history, and lots of great pictures---a treasure trove of bad and good jokes.

Now for a few brief updates and comments.

For TRADITIONS you will note--if you scroll down--that on Sunday July 15 the appearances of both Noel Paul Stookey, Arlon Bennet, and Annie Dinerman will be featured. In addition, 2/3 of Modern Man join us for a period of fun and frivolity---to put it mildly.

July 16 is, sadly, the date of the demise of Harry Chapin and his music will be featured that day. You may recall that some years back the entire program was devoted to his music on that date. On that occasion we were joined on the telephone by many people of note that were attending an event to aid Harry's World Hunger Year Project.

This brings me to the segue about artists, meaning, and early demise. Steve Goodman, as you know, succumbed to Leukemia at a tender age. Kate Wolf the same way with similar later treatments. To no avail.

The happy news is that their spirit and their music lives on and that legacy is something we should all cherish. One way that can be done is to visit the Kate Wolf Website or the various ones devoted to the memory of Harry Chapin and Steve Goodman. For Steve Goodman I would recommend Clay Eals website at this time. With Clay Eals you will find that Steve Goodman lives again and you live with him.

Now, on a happier note, an event you might wish to be a part of. Clay Eals will be at The Bitter End (NYC) at 2 PM on August 13. He will be joined by David Amram and many musicians to celebrate the life of Steve Goodman and to do a book signing. Admission is FREE. I will be there and hope to meet some of you as well.

David Amram will be with me on various radio programs:



TABLETALK---------August 16

DAVID AMRAM ---as you see---has a lot to say and can easily fill all 3 shows---fear not---TRADITIONS is about 40 minutes and SUNDAY SIMCHA--15. TABLE TALK is the full half hour devoted to his relationship with the likes of Jazz greats such as Mingus, Monk, and philosophical insights into his relationships with Jack Kerouac and such meaningful people---including Leonard Bernstein--OK--Lenny, as he says. Pete Seeger, Steve Goodman, and musicians from all over the world are in his comments.

As David Amram tells us---where else but on stations such as this can you have the openness, the time, and the opportunity to allow for such a great interchange of music, thought, and all things in-between.

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