Thursday, July 19, 2007


This is merely a suggestion to click on the right side of this page to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER. There you will find information about this exhibit (dealing with The Jewish Daily Forward and Jewish Life) and also about the exhibit about the Spanish Civil War.

This museum is a marvel and rather than speaking of it here---click on the THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER to find out more.

Perhaps you noticed an interesting side-light to the Jewish Forward Bldg. as pictured at the exhibit here---click on the other site and find out what and why it is.

On July 29 I do hope you will be able to join me for both SUNDAY SIMCHA and TRADITIONS. DAVID AMRAM (it is underlined so it is a link in this wonderful world of new technology) will be my guest on both programs.

You will find David Amram to be ever so knowledgeable in things Jewish---and speaks Hebrew and Yiddish in the most wonderful manner. On TRADITIONS his thoughts on folk music, inclusivity, jazz, and lots of music is not to be missed. If there is a definition for "Renaissance Man" it must be this musical genius.

Since, in an earlier post, mention was made of reviews and that honesty was the "watchword" --negative or positive--let me suggest a few positive ones :

ARLON BENNETT Summer's Voice

ANNIE DINERMAN 1001 American Nights

Those are the new ones. For some thoughts on if you are left on an isolated island and have a CD player, phonograph, or other appliance ---and what are the chances of that---and what are the chances that you would care about anything but getting the hell out of there---you might want to consider the following recordings to keep your mind off your terrible situation and, perhaps, give you some meaning:

ERIC BOGLE---His latest works for true insights. His earlier ones for that an humour.

JOHN PRINE--Simple lyrics---you can live by them. "Sometimes you have to lose your sanity to keep your mind". An example---and vouchable by your correspendent.

TOM PAXTON---Not the short shelf life material---the long-term meaningful insights. Lots of them.

KATE WOLF--For mood and the meaning of existence this is the voice you need.

There are so many others one could mention---but this was supposed to be about the "isolated island". Pete Seeger, for sure---but, I doubt, that there is a cause or a movement you want on that isolated place---he can save the world. You have to save yourself and your sanity.

You might want to just sit back at some point and listen to :


After the meal you have foraged for you might want to relax with just instrumentation.


Anonymous said...

I check in often for the insights and the Quotes4all. Interesting and often provocative.

Bill Hahn said...

Thanks---that is what I hoped that the site would be about That and letting people know of some of the interesting and wonderful people coming on the program.