Friday, June 1, 2007

Program Notes and Reminders and Some Miscellany

To start an update on some of the programs:

TABLETALK: On June 10 Joe Brancato joins the program to talk of his brilliant creation in Stony Point, NY THE PENGUIN REP . Their lineup of productions this year is quite impressive as is the facility. More on June 10. In addition Joe Brancato is working with your never so humble correspondent in setting up a series that will feature some of the artists we feature on shows like TRADITIONS.

TRADITIONS: Laurie Lewis will be joining the program along with TOM ROZUM on June 3. See below for the details. It should prove to be a most insightful and entertaining hour.

The other important matter regarding TRADITIONS is the scheduled appearance of Clay Eals. Clay is the author of FACING THE MUSIC---STEVE GOODMAN. An interview with Clay Eals and myself will air on TRADITIONS on June 24 with the second half airing on July 1.

The book and the author are so fascinating it had to be presented in 2 1 hour parts---with lots of music by Steve Goodman, J0hn Prine, Jethro Burns, and more. My suggestion---do not miss it and get the book if you want to really know Steve Goodman.

For those who miss the first installment it will be archived on Clay Eals website---see above--FACING THE MUSIC.
SUNDAY SIMCHA: Have you ever wanted to hear Jewish artists doing non- Jewish material. Sure do hope so. The June 3 program does just that. It includes Geo. Burns, Mike Burstyn, Bruce Adler----and, yes, Steve Goodman. Stick around for that.

MISCELLANY: The Marquee changes, as you know, from time to time. It has changed on the Daily Rooster. Steve Goodman remains here for a while. The Daily Rooster has bid farewell to Harry Chapin for a time and now welcomes some scenes from Gilbert & Sullivan. The trivia question there is---you can answer here if you like---what is the play on words in the title RUDDIGORE that so offended people when it opened. Oh, how times have changed.

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