Monday, April 23, 2007


Saturday April 28 seems like a good evening to get out. Just the thing I should do and leave my cave.

OK it has a nice water view but it will be a pleasure to leave the darkness and dankness behind for an evening of addressing the important issues of the day.

Modern Man will be addressing these pertinent matters that evening at Bodles Opera House. Some matters that really need expounding are the living conditions in retirement homes in Florida, the depth of Bob Dylan's thoughts, and so many more. Not the least of which have to do with the difficulty of Internet dating and clothing optional venues.

This---is the motley crew---no---that was a rock group---Modern Man. Who, hopefully, will bring enough laughter so that I will be able to keep the waves from entering my cave when I return to it and await another evening that could be this good.

Really wants to make me move to Orange County where there is such great entertainment. Orange County, California has the babes though. So---what to do. Back to the cave later to mull it over.

As to Chester. So rare to see a town named after Matt Dillon's deputy.

With the Three Magnificent Makers of Musical Humor there is the most wonderful and, dare I say, beautiful and talented, guest I had on TRADITIONS this past Sunday. Deborah Holland fills out the bill with her great new songs and some of her old compositions. Deborah has her music featured on TV programs such as My Name Is Earl, has appeared with Letterman, and happily for us she is now coming to Matt Dillon's deputy's namesake city. How rare an occurrence is that?

Her latest CD which--surprisingly--will be available is a gem. Wait till you see it there. I won't talk of it here.

I have bigger fish to fry. Me. It is my Birthday weekend (well, close) and I anticipate that after I tell the gang they will regale me with a rousing rendition of ".For He's a Real Pain In The Ass Fellow".

So, finally to Bodles Opera House (and I hope someone can explain why the name) it is in Chester NY and all the info you need is on the link above. Driving time from Bergen and Rockland is only about 45 minutes. Historic time---well, you do step back about 100 years. Great time machine and a great visit to a wonderful nostalgic past with some great modern performers. What could be better. Perhaps a Chinese Dinner.

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