Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Coming Attractions

TABLETALK: Since this has to do with film why not have that title---Coming Attractions. Promise---no long trailers or commercials that you are subjected to when you pay your $10.00 at the local multiplex. Not even a grand movie palace of yesteryear.

The picture is of the two stars of the film "The Impossible Spy". Eli Wallach and John Shea. Harvey Chertok, the producer and creator of this film is my guest on Tabletalk on April 15.

The film is an unusually interesting and poignant story. A story that is still on going to this day as it relates to Eli Cohen---The Impossible Spy.

Harvey Chertok will be giving us all the details about Eli Cohen and how this film came into being some 20 years ago and is now getting a renewed life around the country and started at the Spy Museum in Washington DC.

Appropriately enough, this conversation takes place on April 15. Yom Hashoah. If you look at the earlier post you will see that Sunday Simcha will be spending the entire hour in the commemoration of that sad and tragic era.

TRADITIONS/SUNDAY SIMCHA/TABLETALK: Permit me a few comments about what I like to call "...the eclectic weekend sound of WFDU". You will note that I usually end the Simcha program that way. WFDU is one of the rare stations left on the dial that can present to you programs that are eclectic, live, and connect personally with their audience.

While the week is formatted and still connects with the listeners more than any station that I can think of the weekend has a truly eclectic mix of Poetry, Interviews (Tabletalk), Jewish programming, Gospel, Jazz, Traditions ( traditional music in all its incarnations and its evolution), and a visit to Doo Wop with Group Harmony Alley.I have to add here that on Fridays Ron Olesko hosts a program that was on the weekends for a time and is still as valid and eclectic as before--Sessions.

All the hosts of these programs are proficient and expert in their knowledge of the material they are presenting.

Finally, as you saw at the start it is one of the few places left on the dial with such eclecticism and audience connection. The key word is "left". The Left Side Of the Dial---The Right Place To Be. To paraphrase the slogan.

If you love radio and personal connection the best thing is to --as it is said---stay tuned. If you have a soldering gun you can fix 89.1 on your dial quite easily---if not---just tune in and---as I always say---stay in touch and stay well.

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