Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Calendar Marking Updates

TRADITIONS: This Sunday a step back into a bit of nostalgia along with some very topical material. The topical material will feature songs that were topical in the 1930s , the 1960s, and from a newer artist. In listening, I believe, you will find the topicality of the older artists still valid this day.

Bill Monroe Phil Ochs Dick Gaughan

Yes---all three---Bill Monroe included. With his brother when they were the Monroe Brothers.

As to nostalgia. Some will recall these years because of age. Some because of their devotion and interest in radio. During the 1950s and 1960s I believe that Oscar Brand was the only "folk" program host around---but---big but here---there were "country" programs that are what we might, today, call "folk". "Country" then was "folk" in many ways. However you want to define it.

Don Larkin
On the left the late Don Larkin---on the right--the WPAT lampshade.

Big deal!

They seem to have forgotten their past and this is all that is left---they did have one.

Dave Miller.

He delivered country, pop, and, what was then called--Hillbilly. I guess now Bluegrass. A Traditions Trivia is planned for this Sunday on this subject===in advance for you who check this site is the query---the prize is 2 CDs-===a randomly selected one and also a Capitol Steps CD (More later about that).

SO---Question that will be aired on Sunday---Don Larkin's slogan was ---Harkin To Larkin Barkin. Dave Miller's was---The Thrills of The Hills, The Best In The West, and...................... what was the rest?

If you leave your answer here it will be entered it with the callers on Sunday. There is room for 5 winners on this one. Either leave comments or e mail---which you can hear on Sunday.

You will also be left at the end of the show with what is, hopefully, something meaningful after all the fun and games and topicality.

SUNDAY SIMCHA : In anticipation for the truly exceptional and unique Passover program planned for April 1, 2007 Rabbi Jonathon Kligler will be a featured artist on this program. He is, besides being in the rabbinate, a consummate musician with a wonderful CD for you to hear and, hopefully, enjoy as much as many people have. This is aside from the CD that he has done with the other guests on this memorable day. The guests are Kim and Reggie Harris and they and Rabbi Kligler recorded another brilliant CD on Appleseed Recordings.

As always the Traditions program will air on WFDU (89.1 fm) from 3-6 PM ET and will also stream on the web at Sunday Simcha will also air that day at 10 AM and stream at that very same site----OK_--I cannot resist---streaming---it is like one big urinal. Let's see if you caught that one.

One last update---Tabletalk. On April 8 you will be able to hear the latest issue of The Capitol Steps. Brilliant is only one of the adjectives to describe this group and we are delighted to offer them on WFDU's Tabletalk program.

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