Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some Random Non-Musical to Musical Thoughts

This is a "blog" as we all know. For those who wonder what does "blog" mean---it came from the expression------web log. Say it fast and you get the idea.
Which brings me to the whole idea of "blogging" and reality. There are ones such as this that serve a purpose of informing a community of kindred spirits about items of interest to them and also giving the group ---and we are a community--information that is something they want. Playlists for the various radio programs I do, updates on events pertaining to them, and such.
Then there are the "blogs" that purport to be "news". While it is true that reportage via newspapers, magazines, and "air" media can be suspect one has also to say that there is a hierarchy there that has to be answered to. For the most part things are checked and double-checked. "Blogs" are a different animal. Everyone has his or her own news outlet now. Each "blogger" reports the news---their version of it. Double checking---confirmations---hey, why bother it is my "blog" and I know what I am talking about. Sexual proclivities. Sure, post your thoughts. Movie Critics. Sure, post your expert opinion (and state it as fact).
My point to all this is that this "magic lantern" known as the Internet has opened something---like Pandora's Box--that cannot be closed. While it has created "community" it has also put us into the position of not knowing what is true or what is just rumor or gossip--or just "virtual".
It is true that all things evolve. From the early days of radio to TV to Internet. Going further back---letters, cards, and then telegrams.
My point to all this is that all these innovations--call it progress---has also created less "reality". We no longer can tell what is fact and what is fiction. When a photo is "adjusted", when it is not. What happened to "...the camera never lies". It does thanks to digitization. In all honesty--it did with "air brushing"---but that was fairly noticeable.
A "blog" giving information to a unique community is one thing.
Bloggers" who present themselves as reporters are a whole different issue. While we cannot stop or censor we can, at least, be skeptical and questioning. Or we can just creat a "blog" for a community we are involved in---music, literature, arts, etc; and comment, discuss, and present events.
As to the picture on top. That is me not giving news just presenting some music and some honest comments about the artists.
I did say there were some musical thoughts to this as well. That has to do with some material that has been arriving and I felt that might be something of interest---
There is a wonderful CD presenting Hank Williams At The Grand Ole Opry. Where, by the way, he was not a welcome presence rather rapidly. It is put out on the Mercury label Some great tracks with intros by Red Foley and routines (that have not aged well) by Minnie Pearl.
One last thought about one of the longest running programs anywhere--Grand Ole Opry (though TV has changed it, certainly). A film from the 1940s--Mrs. Wiggs of The Cabbage Patch---it starred Fay Bainter (if you wanted a tear jerker you hired her). I was quite young and never forgot it---farm family, poor, big night out---Grand Ole Opry--farm burns down while there---tragic. That's the film. The basis of so many country songs and there emblazoned in celluloid. Not tape.


Anonymous said...

Even the Grand Ole Opry isn't in the original Ryman Theater but a newer venue in a "Grand Ole Opry Park-like setting." Sounds like there is a traditional song to be written in that story.

Bill Hahn said...

Right---a theme park setting for the masses. Disneyland North? Yet, the Ryman still has programs that are probably more "authentic" than what is presented at the GOO.

One does have to admire the longevity of this thing. That it moved into the commercial area---well, it was always that and the commercial area changed.

Best stick to the new and idealistic "folkies", if you will, for authenticity.

Anonymous said...

hey--bill---you are so right!!!